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Here you will learn more about us and how we came to be running our own home based business. What is an ordinary family? One like ours, or maybe one like yours?

Paul worked long days as a Sales Manager, driving 50,000 miles per year, always chasing the next target but still ‘enjoying’ his successful career. I juggled two part-time jobs around being a full-time mum to our growing boys Joe and Luke. Life was busy, chaotic at times but we coped. Every month the money came in, bills were paid but we always found ourselves having the same conversation “where’s it all gone?”. We were just ‘getting by’. There was always too much month for the money and we wanted to do so many things. But what could we do differently?

Learn More About Us

Then Came Network Marketing

One day, out of the blue, I received an invitation from my neighbour to take a look at a new business venture. Hesitantly, I accepted that invitation. What followed was an exciting few weeks as we explored the network marketing opportunity. We soon realised this could give us a way to make some significant changes. By sharing this opportunity with others we found we could go on to build a great income without compromising our current careers. It required hard work, commitment, a willingness to learn and a determination to succeed. In the time we had available we were prepared to do just that and we ‘got to work’.

We built a new life with style in the time most people spend watching TV in the evenings.

Within a few short years we saw big changes. I had been able to give up my jobs within a 6-month period and Paul within just 3 years. Today we are one of the top leaders within our company, having built a strong, stable business that has stood the test of time. Our goal had been to build a life full of new experiences. We wanted to travel the world with our family and to build a business that would give us freedom of time and ultimately choices. Today we are living that life.

Helping Others

Over the years we have shared our experience with many others who we have coached and mentored to success themselves.

Would you like to see a change in your life? If the answer is yes, let us help you in your journey to success. Get in touch today and learn more about how our business could help you too. Find Out More